Inventory and classification of Government data

Challenge Description

Government agencies carry out the process of classifying their data in accordance with the government policy for Classification and Management of Government Data.

Before starting the classification, an inventory process of the data available with the entity must be carried out, and then classification (according to the degrees of confidentiality) based on the mechanism described through the policy.

Therefore, the Ministry seeks to reduce the burden of inventory and classification on government employees by preparing an electronic system to carry out the inventory process automatically and then classify the data using artificial intelligence algorithms according to the classification system approved in the policy, without the intervention of employees in doing so.

Target group

Government entities

Why is it considered important to solve this challenge?

Solving the challenge provides an excellent opportunity to know the government data inventory and categorize it for the purposes of knowing how to preserve it properly.

Current attempts to solve the challenge

We have an electronic platform that includes accounts for government employees (data stewards - program leaders - committee heads) for the purposes of inventory and data classification in the traditional way.

Additional information


Ministry of Digital Economy And Entrepreneurship
Data Management
May 25, 2022